UPDATED: More woes for arrested RG


Tendai Kamhungira




©️ REGISTRAR-GENERAL (RG) Clemence Masango’s woes continue to mount, as he now stands accused of “irregularly releasing” five-year-old Daniel Sadiqi’s passport to his father, Frank Buyanga Sadiqi, before the latter left the country.

The development comes as police commissioner-general Godwin Matanga has vehemently opposed the controversial businessman’s stay of execution application to Justice Jacob Manzunzu’s April 16 ruling, saying the African Medallion Group founder was a “fugitive from justice and authorities had enlisted Interpol’s services to apprehend” the latter, which the 40-year-old businessman has described as “political persecution”.

“We are further advised that through a letter addressed to the Civil Division dated 20th April, 2020, you admitted breaching the terms of the order of the Magistrates’ Court in case 11865/19 by releasing the child’s passport to (Mr) Buyanga without our client’s written consent or a superseding order of court,” Chantelle Muteswa’s lawyers Mutuso, Taruvinga and Mhiribidi, said in a May 6 letter to Masango, which also accuses the embattled RG of disobeying a previous court order directing him to surrender the child’s passport.

“With your active assistance, the child has now been unlawfully removed from Zimbabwe and is unaccounted for since the 26th of March 2020,” they said.

Muteswa’s lawyers not only gave Masango an ultimatum to “provide them with details of the person who delivered an allegedly forged court order” by May 11, but also threatened to approach “the Anti-Corruption Commission and institute contempt charges against him”.

They further demanded the full name of the officer who received the alleged court papers, individual who authorised the release of the passport and why the RG’s Office did not seek a return of the travel document since December last year.

Masango, meanwhile, is stewing after he reportedly flouted tender procedures and abused the central registry’s motor vehicles for personal use in a case in which he is expected to appear in court tomorrow.

And the latest twist also comes as Buyanga had in March allegedly snatched Daniel from his mother’s custody — at Waterfalls Shopping Centre — and in what the former claims was an enforcement of prolonged rights since the 36-year-old woman had no decent accommodation.

The movie-style swoop allegedly occurred after the South Africa-based businessman had won a landmark ruling, which prefers equal rights and access to a minor child by both parents, and lays the ground for the government’s amendment of the Guardianship of Minors Act.

While Muteswa has rushed to the High Court — as part of their endless wrangles and leading to Manzunzu’s order for Buyanga to release the child within 24 hours — fellow benchman Joseph Mafusire has slammed the duo, saying their actions were affecting Daniel.

Even after the judge’s sharp rebuke, it is understood Buyanga is seeking to rush back to court to challenge both Manzunzu and Mafusire’s judgments next week, when the courts resume operations.

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