Oil Castor to hold Miss Rural pageant


OIL Castor one of the leading lubricant processing company in Zimbabwe has embarked on a initiative to empower the girl child though confidence building by holding the Miss Rural modelling pageant.

According to officials, the Miss Rural Africa modelling pageant, is also meant to encourage rural women to get involved in the production of the engineered castor bean.

The finals will be held on June 30 on online and digital platforms because of the Covid 19 lockdown regulations.

The voting process will be done digitally starting Wednesday on www.OilCastor.com.

“We respect the lockdown regulations and will hold the finals end of June on selected digital platforms.

“This pageant is to empower the girl child in communities that we operate in.

“We also encourage them to take castor bean production,“ said an official.

Faith Ropafadzo Chikandiwa on of the contestants from Hurungwe said she has a rural background but appreciates beauty with brains.

“I might have a strong rural background but the inner beauty in me stays and I thank the organisers for giving us a platform to build our confidence and showcase the untapped  talent in rural communities.

“I also believe my natural beauty will make people believe in me and want to work with me because I have high affinity for rural development and uplifting of the girl child,” she said.


” I would like to uplift rural girls and have campaigns If  I become the next Miss Rural Africa.

“I will play a role of awareness campaigns to the marginalized rural areas on development+ issues to do with girl child protection.”

Vimbai Mufukuri from Gutu alluded to the fact that it is health to maintain the God given natural beauty that came since birth.

“It came natural to me; in the same fashion you received life at birth and preserve the true African culture that is based in the rural areas,” said Mufukuri.

 My gift of empathy is to uplift others around me that has pushed me this far to enrich people’s lives, and make them feel glad to be alive, in rural areas, “she said.

She said she believes our rural people need someone to represent them because in most cases and activities, rural areas are left out yet there are the areas which gives us all a sense of belonging.

“I have decided to stand up for the rural areas in Zimbabwe and represent them to show the world that rural is just a title, anyone can do it,” she said.


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  1. Thawanda says

    Can’t wait to see my rural model Miss rural oil castor , she is the best ever she deserve to be our miss rural. Thank you,all my best to my lovely sister

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