UPDATED: Mliswa suspended from Parliament


SPEAKER of the National Assembly Jacob Mudenda has suspended independent Norton legislator Temba Mliswa for disorderly contact, the Daily News reports.

Mudenda imposed a ban of six sittings from Parliament against Mliswa for interjecting either when other MPs were making contributions or ministers were responding to questions from other legislators.

This is the first time the august House put into use the newly-approved measures in the Standing Orders which were adopted by Parliament a fortnight ago, allowing a presiding officer to preclude a legislator from attending sittings for a prescribed period.

Mudenda had earlier reprimanded Mliswa for charging at Zanu PF MP Munyaradzi Kashambe last week in a manner that Parliament deemed to be disorderly conduct.
Following his expulsion, Mliswa took to Twitter to explain the circumstances.

“So today, I was expelled from Parly for 6 weeks, again for standing up for myself albeit in a much calmer manner. Oh well, as I’ve said before, it’s the most useless Parly ever so I won’t miss a thing! I’m better off devoting my time to the constituency & its people,” Mliswa wrote.

He added: “Whilst I apologised for the previous incident, I found it strange that the offending party was left blameless … in a scenario where govt ministers aren’t brought to account, oversight is ignored, I ask again, is there any point in being an MP in Zim?”

According to the new rules, a member whose conduct is deemed grossly disorderly may be ordered to withdraw from the precincts of Parliament for the remainder of that day’s sitting.

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