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IPD leader lauds govt for lifting lockdown

IDEAS Party of Democracy (IPD) leader Herbert Chamuka says President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s move to lift the covid-19 lockdown is a welcome idea which will help move the country forward.

Mnangagwa on Monday announced that the lockdown which was imposed on the country in January following the rise in Covid-19 cases and deaths had been lifted.

Companies and small-scale businesses were also allowed to reopen as cases signicantly went down in the latter half of February.

Chamuka said the move will allow business to flourish and allow people to fend for their families. He however urged the country’s citizens to follow WHO-specified Covid-19 regulattions which include handwashing, sanitization, proper wearing of face masks and practicing social distancing to avoid a further spiking of cases.

“What we saw happening is that other countries are giving people food and money during lockdown to keep them going, but we certainly cannot afford that because of the size of our economy, which is why we welcome the president’s decision to lift the lockdown so that people can at least go to work and be able to fend for their families,” Chamuka said.

“So we want to thank President Emmerson Mnangagwa for lifting the lockdown so that people can start working and business can flourish, but people still need to observe those guidelines given by WHO. We don’t want to see any more deaths,” he said.

He also urged Mnangagwa to create an open door policy so that he can be accessible to all citizens. “The president must be accessible to all the people. Last time I wanted to go and meet him but I was prevented by those close to him. We don’t want to in the end start saying he was is a good man who is surrounded by poor advisors.

He is not governing the country alone but has got advisors. He lacks good advisors and this is what his predecessor Robert Mugabe suffered from. It drags the country down. Let’s unite and work for our country as citizens, it is our country and we love it,” he said.

Players in the manufacturing sector, agriculture, construction, retail and other sectors of the economy have also lauded Mnangagwa for ensuring that business comes back on track as Covid-19 cases have significantly gone down.

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