Harare City Council should improve  service delivery


© EDITOR — It is sad to note that most local authorities are failing to provide essential services throughout the country. The economy is in bad shape, everyone knows that. Residents are struggling to service their bills.


For this reason, local authorities’ revenue bases are dwindling.
Under such a scenario, we would expect those at the helm to tighten spending and channel the little revenue trickling their way to essential services provision. At least that is what is supposed to happen anyway because at the end of the day, councils are there to provide services for residents.

The opposite of this, however, is what we are seeing happening. Harare City Council is the biggest culprit.

The council has been hogging the limelight for all the wrong reasons. It is important to note that service provision in Harare is almost nonexistent.

There are perennial shortages of water, raw sewage flowing on the streets, burst water pipes and rubbish is everywhere. Right now, the quality of water running through our taps is appalling and only the grace of God is saving us.

The city fathers do not seem to care. For a council that is dogged by poor service provision, you can’t have the greatest chunk of the little revenue going towards salaries and wages.


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