What is the charge? As dog dons T-shirt


EDITOR — I am utterly awed and disappointed by the over zealousness portrayed by the country’s finest. Over the weekend there was a report that a man was apprehended by some political party members for allegedly dressing his dog in a party’s T-shirt in a rural area.


Seething party supporters took the man to a police post. Police officers at the station went ahead and arrested the man, charging him with disorderly conduct in a public place. He was made to pay an admission of guilt fine of $40.

This, to me as a taxpayer, is a total waste of money and government resources. Is it now a crime that you decide to dress your dog in party regalia? What if the man was showing his affection to his political party by dressing man’s best friend in his favourite shirt? Do we now disregard domestic animals as not part of our society? If that’s the case, why do organisations like the SPCA exist?

Recollection of history shows that years ago certain political figures showed their love for the party by giving examples of domesticated animals as party members, case in point one of the late first vice presidents of the republic once stated at a rally that even donkeys in his village had party membership cards. He said they would too vote for the party. Was he denigrating the party in any way?  Another member in an urban constituency stated that even if a goat was to run for president for the party, he would vote for it.

So what has this poor man who has love for his party done wrong?
May I kindly add another scenario. What if the dog saw the T-shirt on a washing line and put its head through the neckline and ended up donning the shirt while the owner was unaware.

My disappointment is in seeing that this man is being victimised over something he might have no idea of. It is not as if he went around the village displaying this unusual affection to the party. 

What charge would a sane, professional police officer place on the owner of this dog? Disorderly conduct is not one of them. How is that disorderly in anyway? It’s not treasonous for he did not burn the national flag, of which in developed civilised societies people burn flags in protest in the middle of city squares as a sign of dissent.

So what is the charge for?


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