Stop drug prices rating


© EDITOR — Soon after the government announced that as a country we are moving from the multi-currency system to the Zimbabwe dollar, the prices of medical drugs escalated, showing that even now the rating system is still being applied.


Most of us had hoped that prices were going to stabilise and medical drugs would be affordable and in line with the salaries that are earned by the majority of Zimbabweans.

But it is sad that with the current pricing of drugs, one’s salary is likely to be enough for just one drug.

We are also aware that most of the drugs are imported and need foreign currency, hence spiralling pricing but government should make sure that it supplies the necessary foreign currency for such essential services.

According to press reports, the Pharmaceutical Society of Zimbabwe (PSZ) has stated that prices of medical drugs will continue to increase as players are struggling to secure enough foreign currency to import medical products.

Government should have thought about these problems or made a plan before banning the multi-currency system without notice when they knew that this country has for a long time been facing forex shortages.

Government needs to do something otherwise the poor will not be able to survive in this country.


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