Let’s consider important issues when voting


© EDITOR— Zimbabwe is a small country with a small population of about 15 million people, most of whom are young, vibrant and energetic, but with no employment. It’s a peaceful country compared to sister nations in southern Africa. 


However, the major challenge that poses a great threat to the peace and stability in the country has been a result of elections and political tension, where a few irresponsible politicians often make reckless statements on radio and at rallies in an attempt to incite tension among supporters of various political parties. 
In every election, Zanu PF uses fear and creates panic across the nation. In Zimbabwe it’s only when it’s election time that almost everyone is worried about peace.

The entire election is indeed a threat to our national security. 
Unlike in other African countries where electoral disputes have resulted in serious conflicts and civil wars that have left thousands dead, Zimbabweans have always demonstrated their political maturity during previous elections despite Zanu PF reportedly rigging and intimidating voters. 

In 2023, I believe many people are going to vote for their preferred candidates but their votes will not be based on important issues but rather on political inclinations. 

They don’t look at the ability of their candidate to deliver but loyalty to their parties. Whether the candidate has realistic and achievable vision is not the issue that matters. 

As long as the majority of Zimbabweans continue to vote in this way, there will never be real change in the country’s political landscape. The candidate’s inability to deliver on campaign promises do not count. It is a matter of contesting and winning the elections with or without a vision. This is indeed a dangerous development in Zimbabwe’s political future, no wonder we are still under developed 39 years after independence.

Civil servants are only remembered during campaign periods.
Anti-corruption campaigners are also stressing the need for the youth to rise and fight graft at every level, in the educational institutions, the banking sector and mining sector among others.

Religious leaders are also urging congregants not only to pray and fast for peace and unity but also to help fight corruption and hold government accountable for failing to manage the country’s wealth.

While the rate of unemployment has forced the youth to engage in all sorts of crimes and social vices like armed robbery, drugs, prostitution etc for survival, unfortunately the lives of politicians continue to improve with fat salaries, luxurious accommodation, expensive cars etc.

The condition of the ordinary voter who trusted the politician and voted in his favour, has not improved. 

The youths are tired of repeated failed promises of the politicians. 


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