Parents should be exemplary in raising children


© EDITOR — I wonder everyday when I walk through the streets of Harare and see the youth of today’s disturbing behaviour. It hurts me more to see them indulge in activities that they know are deviant to our society. Consumption of drugs has become a habit, clubbing has become a hobby as well as pre-marital sex which is giving our society early mothers and unknown fathers.


The youth of today are getting involved in all these vices everyday and it is growing rapidly yet no one is bothering to correct this.
From my own observation, parents are too busy having their own affairs to notice how their children are getting lost.

Everyday we read in the papers about wives and husbands who are caught cheating as well as pastors and with this kind of behaviour from our elders what is there to expect from the children.?

Some parents approach children as young as their own and have affairs with them, so how can such a parent control their own children.

I think the behaviour of children today should be traced back to parents who have occupied themselves with their children’s friends and find it hard to correct their own because of shame and guilt.

I pray and hope that our parents are delivered from such darkness and look at the brighter future of their children.

I pray they get back to the times where being strict was the only way to show love, because indeed sparing the rod has spoilt the child. 
Machokoto B


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