Let’s all play our part in rebuilding Zim


EDITOR — One thing that has become patently and painfully clear to me is a lesson from history: the peaceful masses are irrelevant.
The saying that goes, “Evil only flourishes when good men do nothing,” becomes crystal clear when looking back over Zimbabwe’s history and the current complete and utter mess that Zanu PF has led Zimbabwe into.


The buck stops at the top — always! And so no amount of dirty finger-pointing by our illegitimate excuse for a government will extricate them from the accountability and the justice that is sure to come. It is not a question of if but when.

As a Christian, I must first study the Church’s image in the mirror. 
The state of a nation is always indicative of the state of the Church. The state of the Church in Zimbabwe is appalling.

The simple fact that the nations’ merry band of looting, greedy, oppressive, violent, blood shedding, corrupt and completely selfish so-called leaders are able to comfortably attend and sit in church services week after week tells its own story.

We may well question the actual preaching of God’s uncompromising word. If the Church in Zimbabwe were to preach the true gospel to those

“leaders” we individuals would be flat on our faces in absolute broken repentance. And that does not happen, does it?

The errant leader walks out to continue his looting spree and utterly evil ways while the nation destructs. You see repentance would bring restoration to Zimbabwe.

The Church has been infiltrated. You see in Zimbabwe the Church is huge and has huge influence.  And to this day the stench of Zanu PF pervades many of what should be the hallowed halls of truth, honour, righteousness and Godliness.

Wake up Church! One whiff of Zanu PF and any serious Christian should be out of that so-called excuse for a Church. The proliferation of prosperity gospel — a false gospel —  and filthy rich self-styled prophets should be enough to make any one person flee for his or her life.

And secondly, the finger points to the government itself. 
It is an unalterable, universal law that the buck stops with the leadership. To whom much is given much is expected.


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