Conserving water a must for everyone


EDITOR — I listened to a radio programme recently that said most towns and cities in this country do not have enough water to last them to the next two months. And as a result many councils had resorted to limiting the water they supply to residents.

The programme was mostly attributing this to the El Nino effect that has seen many parts of this country receiving below normal rainfall.
But the El Nino has not only affected our country but most of southern Africa in terms of rainfall.


This had me worried and thinking that we must all as Zimbabweans work together to conserve the little water that is being made available to us by the councils and government. We all have to play our role in conserving the little water.

Yes those who have water need to learn to use the water sparingly and make sure that all the water leakages at household level are curtailed including making sure that taps are properly closed.
But I believe the biggest responsibility lies with the councils who have to make sure that they attend speedily to any water pipe bursts or leakages that are reported by the residents.

I have noted that in this area some councils like the City of Harare seem to be rather slow in responding to some of these reports resulting in a huge wastage of treated water.

If we continue as citizens to allow these wastages of this precious liquid to continue we might not even reach the next rainy season.
It has been reported that some rural areas are already facing critical shortage of water and the dam levels in most dams in this country are rather low and might not last very long.

Most of us have already started complaining about the “delays” in repair works at Harare’s main water plant. If we fail to conserve our water, there will be more outbreaks of such diseases as cholera, typhoid to mention a few.

I urge all people to play their part in conserving water in this country and making sure that they use it more sparingly until we get to the next rainy season.


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