There is no value in money


EDITOR — The lesson that Zimbabwe needs to learn is that there is no value in money, but there is value in ‘‘that’’ which you want to acquire using money. 

“That” which you want to acquire using money is real wealth or value! Money is just a piece of paper — a letter of authorisation! If I want to buy a Mercedes Benz what I want is a Mercedes Benz and not money!


We should not spend all our time as presidents looking for investors, rather, we should look for knowledge and wisdom which is closely related to knowledge worldwide. Money comes after knowledge in terms of priority.

If my cellphone develops a fault and I promise to pay you US$1 billion if you repair, if you cannot repair it, you simply won’t get the US$1 billion! If you know how to repair it, you can even do it for me for nothing or US$10. 

Money works where there is knowledge and knowledge can work where there is no money. Money is only a recent invention, before there was barter trade. This is why the brightest students at Form 2 go to science class at Form 3 and those in commercial (money studies) are second priority. Science are lessons of knowledge.

The Bible says in Hosea 4 verse 6, “My people are perishing because of lack of knowledge, given knowledge they refuse knowledge.” The Bible did not say my people are perishing because of lack of investors or money. The knowledge that the Bible talks of is science knowledge which is found at school and universities. 

If Zimbabwe does not know how to design and manufacture a computer, they should simply look for Bill Gates to come to Zimbabwe for knowledge transfer rather than look for an investor. 

An investor will only bring pieces of paper (which can be printed in Zimbabwe) and take away the “real value” from Zimbabwe or Africa.
The cancelling of zeros on trillion dollar notes in Zimbabwe was an eye opener. An investor can bring money into Zimbabwe which can lose value overnight like what happened in Zimbabwe.

There is cheating in world transactions because of money. Exchange rates are disadvantaging Africa and  Africa will experience debt colonisation because of its huge appetite for investors rather than an appetite for people with knowledge.

Zimbabwe will be left with useless pieces of paper after real wealth has been taken by investors if it continues in its current path of looking for investors daily. Besides there is a risk of debt colonisation.

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Zimbabweans need to know that what is called company, or industry is science with arts and commerce being support services. 
Science is the core business of any serious nation. Instead of science taking the lead, law is taking the lead in Zimbabwe to the detriment of economic development. 

All the three arms of government in Zimbabwe are currently being led by lawyers only in a country of more than 20 professions. All the independent commissions in this country are being led by lawyers.

All the two major political parties in Zimbabwe are led by lawyers!
As Africans we need to change our perspective. 
T Munyanduri.


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