Deal with exam leakages now


© EDITOR — The leakage of examination papers in Hwange recently needs serious investigation of why there has been an increase in such vice at all levels of the education system. 


I believe this is the way forward if a stop to this is to be made. The leakage of examination papers in Zimbabwe is developing into a norm or culture. A lot of scandals are characterising our examinations. 

Apprehending the culprits has been the major priority by the responsible authorities while little focus, if any, has been put towards the reasons why people are indulging in such criminal acts knowing fully well that they are putting their jobs on the line. 

A blind eye has been cast on the adverse effects that emanate from these unbecoming acts and the solutions thereof that can be implemented to curb this phenomenon. A lot of hay should not be made on how unethical and how such acts put a strain on the national coffers but a solution — a real solution needs to be put into place. 

The first step is to make sure the teacher is well-taken care of. The educators risk their jobs out of desperation. Headmasters and personnel who deal with examinations should also receive allowances on the ground and this will reduce these leakages.
Incidences like these are, however, a blessing in disguise as they serve to remind the people of the prevailing political and economic situation. 

Recently, much attention has been paid to the economic meltdown in the country hence these happenings divert the attention of the masses to the real problems of the day. 

Zimbabwe is an education powerhouse where the young and old are flooding academic institutions to get hold of an academic certificate. However, the past decade has also been marred by a lot of examination scandals. 

It’s high time the responsible ministry together with Zimsec addresses this from the roots and end examination fraud, which has put Zimsec’s image into disrepute.

The leakages have also been precipitated by a failing economic system which has engineered corruption and lack of professionalism in all service providers. 
Generally, the life of a teacher in Zimbabwe is marked by malaise.

In such a harsh economic environment everyone is prepared to make money irrespective of the legalities involved. 
I also believe that the concept whereby teachers with best results are given prize money is fuelling the leakages. 

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As noble a move and motivator as it is, it indirectly pressures educators to get their hands on the cash by any means to extricate themselves from the teeth of poverty. I do not seek to sympathise with the people on the wrong side of the law but intend to lay bare the reasons why there has been an increase in exam leakages.

These are signs of a flawed administration and the credibility of Zimsec is at stake. The culture of fraud and corruption has been initiated and developed and embraced by the people at the top and this has cascaded to our education system.


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