Non-violent strategies way to go


EDITOR — I urge all Zimbabweans to consider non-violent strategies when dealing with issues. Of late the media has been awash with people involved in violent acts to resolve matters.

Non-violence is a peaceful way of resolving conflict, it is actually the ‘‘non-use of violence’’. Non-violence involves non-violent non-cooperation, peaceful demonstrations, sit-ins, non-violent direct action and non-violent resistance. Non-violence is not just the absence of violence, but it is a positive concept which is principled/strategic and humanistic, that is, it entails human rights.


Active non-violence requires strategic planning and principled action as the underlying and fundamental principles. The starting point is planning which is theoretical, then followed by action which is practical. Non-violence is a technique of action. Theory and action are 2 sides of the same coin

As such, it is observable that action without theory lacks the requisite principle and theory without action is also incomplete. The two are complimentary and therefore non-violence becomes a pragmatic strategy which is moral and effective.

Non-violence is an effective way of resolving human conflict which strictly adheres to truth as one of its pillars. This adherence to truth makes non-violence more powerful than violence for converting the opponent. It is observable that non-violence is nonaggressive physically but aggressive spiritually. 

Non-violence resists, just as good as violence does. It does not seek to humiliate the opponent but to win long-lasting friendship. Non-violence entails constructive resolution of human conflict for example, Gandhi’s promotion of Hindu-Muslim religious harmony, improvement in the status of women and harijans. 
It’s safe to say nonviolence establishes lasting peace as there is reconciliation after the conflict.

Non-violence is a moral philosophy of resolving human conflict. Active non-violence entails non-injury to others as its other pillar. There is respect for human life and love for others (Agape) in non-violence and is therefore against attack of persons. Love for others is central and the pursuant of non-violence suffers to achieve his/her goal.

So as a people if we want to do better we should always strive to do good without using violence.

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