Retire all workers over 65 years


© EDITOR — The government is has a large percentage of workers who are over 65 years of age yet the Constitution stipulates that the pensionable age of a Zimbabwean is 65 years. We are shooting ourselves in the foot. A study of the top government workers shows they a large num- ber are way past retirement age.


In fact, if they were medicine prescribed by a doctor, Zimbabweans could be taking expired medication. This makes voting for an over 65-year-old a mockery of one’s intelligence. Ignorance makes its owner a liability. The price paid is high.

If people think getting educated is expensive, let them try igno- rance.

What is also worrisome is how and why pension bodies continue to calculate and deduct dues from these illegal workers.
To stop corruption, we need people of a good moral standing. Such people must form an anti-corruption body which is independent.

As long as we have corrupt people in our midst, we will not change anything, it will end up as window dressing.

It is one thing to identify a wrong and it is quite another to put it right.

In short, we need to see action, not lip service. And everyone must be brought under the microscope. No sacred bulls or cows.

Let’s advocate for zero toler- ance on corruption.


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