Government should help conserve underground water


© EDITOR — With massive shortages of water in the country’s urban areas, the government should come up with strategies to conserve underground water. There is increasing use of borehole water in this country, especially during the dry season. Council has totally failed to provide clean and safe water and almost all households are turning to borehole supplies.


We all know about Harare City Council’s inability to supply us with adequate water, but even with the best will in the world and adequate funding, resolving this matter is going to take years. It involves building dams, treatment plants and replacing almost all of the city’s underground water infrastructure.

At this rate we need to seriously conserve our only alternate source of water, which is underground water.

The fact that underground water levels are already seriously depleted is indisputable.

The level of water in many boreholes has dropped in the last 10 years. The equation is very simple. Underground water is replen- ished by rainfall.

Even when water supply was normal people used boreholes to water their lawns because it is free but now it is the only source that people rely on.
Harare Resident.


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