Cancer is killing us slowly


EDITOR — October was breast cancer month where awareness is being raised about cancer which is a good thing in the fight against cancer. My heart bleeds whenever I read in the media reports of people who die due to cancer. Cancer is eating us slowly and will soon finish us.


Research has shown that cancer cases in Zimbabwe are increasing steadily. There has been an overall increase in the risk of cancer in both sexes, with incidence rates of major cancers such as breast and prostate showing particularly marked increases.

Despite this, not enough educational campaigns and screening services are available in Zimbabwe. To add salt to injury, behaviours increasing risk of different cancers are on the increase.

Zimbabwe is among the highest alcohol consumers in the world.

Because of this lifestyle behaviour, people believe that eating meat is good nutrition. A friend of mine told me that the formula of early death is: Meat + Alcohol + Lack of exercise = DEATH.

Travel to any corner in Harare. You will find the young and old drinking beer and eat- ing roasted meat.

Who does not want to live long? The trick to good health is good nutrition, exercise and regular medical check-ups. Following medical advice is of paramount importance.

I am aware of the economic challenges that the country is facing at the moment, but we need to take care of ourselves — let us visit health facilities for medical check-ups regu- larly even when we are not feeling sick. Let every woman have a breast examination and be taught how to self-examine her breasts. Let every man have a prostate cancer check- up.

Let us avoid eating junk foods. Let us eat more veg- etables and fruits, exercise regularly, reduce or stop smok- ing, meat and alcohol intake. Finally, let us educate the masses about cancer.


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