Practical solutions crucial for economic recovery


© EDITOR — For Zimbabwe to go forward we need to adhere to our  Constitution. We need press freedom, freedom of expression, rule of law (all citizens to respect rule of law regardless of political affiliation), transparency, and accountable leadership.


Transparency is the cornerstone in nation-building.  
As  Zimbabweans, we get too intellectual and over complicate a situation for no reason.

Many Zimbabweans are intelligent but we lack practicality. Many life solutions are practical, not intellectual. 

Our economy started collapsing towards the turn of the millennium and what we have now are after effects (like ripples after an earthquake). Our foreign currency regime is distorted. We tried to change currency to securities i.e bonds/bearers cheques. 
There will be no solution as long as government believes it can manipulate market forces.

The country will eventually regress.
Economics is a practical subject, not an intellectual one. You don’t  dazzle people with clever words to make the economy function.  
You stimulate it with market conditions. No country has nationalised everything and come out at the top. It won’t start with us.

Unlike other countries, Zimbabwe has an array of natural resources, all of which are capital intensive and are basically commodities, not value chain products. 

Investors have always wanted to invest in Zimbabwe because of a highly-skilled labour. The core of economic development is infrastructure development. Zambia took a leaf from former SA president Thabo Mbeki’s rule book and they have surpassed Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe had one of the top five infrastructures in Africa but that competitive advantage is long gone. 

The government doesn’t need to give anyone money or fuel. It is a policy environment which has become toxic.

Like the government, you have no business running commuter omnibuses. In a stable environment, the prices/market will self-regulate.

The government is over-regulating instead of creating a conducive environment for business. 

Where are we going as a nation?  Most politicians are using politics as way of making a living not to represent us. 
Our people have been blanketed in political affiliation more than in believing in our country and this has taken us very far backwards. 



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