‘I don’t engage in rampant sexual activities’


HARARE – Veteran and energetic dancer Precious “Wasu Dacoda” Makwame is not contemplating leaving the stage despite that age is fast catching up with her.

The former Mambokadzi member will celebrate her 33rd birthday celebration pencilled for Holly’s Hotel in Harare tonight at an event that will be supported by Pramastove, Millenium Queens and Royal Queens dance groups.

She boastfully said she managed to keep her youthfulness by shunning men. “I do not engage in frequent or rampant sexual activities.”


“I am not seeing myself retiring from dancing anytime soon because I still feel as strong as a 16-year-old girl. I am as fit as a fiddle,” the mother of one said.

Over the years, Makwame has become the darling of many revellers owing to her energy sapping dances she exudes while on stage.

She said celebrating her 33rd birthday is an honour considering some of the dancers died before reaching that age.

“I have seen it all in showbiz. I joined the industry at the age of 22 and some of my fellow dancers died way back because of several reasons, hence celebrating 33 years is an achievement to me,” she said.

Though Wasu started her career as a mere dancer, she has since graduated into a full musician and says she was inspired to venture into music by musician Alick Macheso.

“Macheso advised me to venture into music some years back after noticing that we need a fall back plan as dancers especially in this harsh economic environment.

“I took the advice and released my debut sungura album Lolly before Chiiteite. All these albums are accompanied by DVDs.”

Late last year, Makwame launched her DVD called Simukai Mose at City Sports Bar in Harare and the event was graced by musicians such as Nicholas Zakaria, Romeo Gasa, Beverly Sibanda, Lady Storm, Sarah Dee, Simon Mutambi, Tatenda Pinjisi, Pramastove, Fireworks and Talking Guitars among others.


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