Registration for foreign-trained students


HARARE – The Medical and Dental Practitioners Council of Zimbabwe (MDPCZ) has called for foreign-trained medical students to register with the body, so that the professionals get familiarised with the local health system.

This comes as Zimbabweans are increasingly seeking medical training in other countries.

In a statement, the Council said: “It has come to the notice of the MDPCZ that a significant number of Zimbabweans intend to study medicine and dentistry abroad and some are already pursuing their medical and dental training there ith a view to return home to register to undertake the local internship and subsequently register as medical and dental practitioners to practise at home.”


“(The) Council is calling on such medical and dental students to register with the MDPCZ as medical or dental students in terms of Section 77 (3) of the Health Professions Act (Chapter 27:19). This will enable the students to undertake elective training while on holiday, thereby enhancing their familiarisation with the local system in designated teaching units in preparation for the MDPCZ registration examination upon successful completion of their medical or dental degree.”

“The other reason for registration whilst being students is for the council to advise prospective medical students on the critical requirement of the international accreditation status of the training institutions  to forestall difficulties associated with graduating from poorly or even unrated medical schools.”

Those seeking registration will have to submit a written verification of the medical or dental degree qualification and the training institution from the Education Commission for Medical Graduates (ECFGM).

They will also be required to have at least three ‘A’ level passes, approval of the application for registration by the Practice Control Committee of the MDPCZ and to the MDPCZ registration exam.



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