Zim warned of dangerous heatwave


HARARE – Zimbabweans have been warned to stay out of the sun amid warnings over scorching temperatures.

Alerts have been issued over “extreme heat” in parts of the country as the mercury is predicted to soar above 40C over the next two weeks.


Forecasters at the Sadc Climate Services Centre have issued a plea to  “remain vigilant” and take precautionary action before going out in the heat, avoid taking long
journeys where possible and listen to advice issued by health authorities in specific areas.

Experts have advised Zimbabweans to drink plenty of fluids and stay in the shade during the heatwave.

A spokesperson for the Sadc Climate Services Centre said: “Two weeks outlook there is likelihood of the departure from the long-term average temperature of at least 2
degree Celsius anomalies of the hot temperature over the …south (of) Zimbabwe.

“Heat wave precautions are strongly recommended for the high risk people. National Health Department and Disaster Risk Reduction agencies are called to assist in the
specific measures to be adopted.

“…south and western Zimbabwe should adhere to health advisories to combating the high temperatures, that will be experienced in these areas.

Extremely high temperature will be experience in a select few areas within the region, where extra caution needs to be undertaken.”

Heatstroke, heart and breathing problems and early deaths are likely to strike down those at an increased risk.

This means children, the elderly and the very ill are at risk of dying.

The current drought could even lead to food shortages, illnesses, malnutrition, disease and an increased susceptibility to infection.

Forecasters at the local Met Office predicted a changeable weather after that with a mix of sunshine and showers.


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