Govt sets up Tribunal for white farmers’ compensation


HARARE – Government is finalising compensation for evicted white commercial farmers as part of measures to bring to finality the Fast-Track Land Reform Programme, an investment policy guideline released by new President Emmerson Mnangagwa has said

“To ensure equitable compensation, the government of Zimbabwe is considering a number of measures including the establishment of a special ad-hoc tribunal based on international good practices to determine, amongst others, the value of compensation payable and modalities for payment,” read part of the Investment Guidelines and Opportunities document.

White farmers who were forcibly dispossessed of their property in Zimbabwe have been suing former president Robert Mugabe, claiming the government owes them compensation.

Mugabe’s government introduced a controversial land reform programme in 2000 that led to landless blacks invading and seizing the majority of white-owned farms across the southern African country.

In his inauguration speech, Mnangagwa said his government is committed to compensate those who lost their land during Zimbabwe's land grab but said it was unavoidable and shall not be reversed.

"My government is committed to compensating those farmers from whom land was taken in terms of our laws," said Mnangagwa.



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