Sekurutau wins big


HARARE – African roots musician and world-renowned sculptor cum businessman Bryn Taurai Mteki aka Sekurutau got a New Year present as he won a third price at the just ended Metro Peech and Browne Wholesalers Jackpot Promotions taking home some cash, adding to the already five stoves, television sets he has won over the years.

The musician recently announced his intention to contest for president in this year’s harmonised elections.

Since Sekurutau ventured into the commodities business he made an impact with his BrynBrands Supermakets.

He also hit the ground running since his return from America where he was for the past 16 years taking over the popular Club Saratoga in Highfield.

When contacted for comment Sekurutau said: “Home and away I am always a winner. This year I won some cash prize at Metro Peech and Browne Wholesalers as one of their luck bulk buyer.

“Under BrynBrands we have Aust-Mteki Foundation, Aust-Mteki Technologies, Sekurutau Gallery, Sekurutau World Music, Clothing line, Hauz Of Sekurutau, BryBen Motors, Mana Gold Mining, Butcheries, Take Aways and Fast foods Hauz Of Chicken, Hauz Of Pizza, Hauz of Creamy, Sekurutau Beverages, Sekurutau Transport, Real estate BrynBrands Properties, BrynBrands Construction plus their new baby BrynBrands Commodities which manufactures products such as our branded Kanhu Vodka, Kachibhodhoro Whisky, Mvura — still purified water, Biltong among others.”


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