Soul Jah Love wants Bounty Lisa back


HARARE – Embattled Zimdancehall star Soul Jah Love is trying to lure back his estranged wife Bounty Lisa whom he assaulted early this week over allegations of infidelity.

The Pamamonya Ipapo hit-maker’s attempts to take back’s his wife follow the counselling session that he and Bounty Lisa attended at Rhodesville Police Station in Harare on Wednesday.

According to a relative of Bounty Lisa, who declined to be identified, the Yeke Yeke singer visited his estranged wife’s home in Kuwadzana 5, Harare on Thursday night.


“Soul Jah Love came to Kuwadzana hoping to see Bounty Lisa’s father (Phineas Musenyi) but he was told that they could only discuss the matter in the presence of Bounty Lisa’s aunt. Soul Jah Love promised to come back today (Friday),” said the well-placed source.

Efforts to get a comment from the Go Back to Sender singer were fruitless. His manager Blessed “Father Paris” Vela was not forthcoming on Soul Jah Love’s tiff with his wife.

“Zvinhu zvese zviribho (All is well). We will talk on Tuesday when we are back,” said an evasive Father Paris.

On Thursday, Bounty Lisa said she would only consider giving the controversial Zimdancehall star another chance once he genuinely apologises and seeks help to overcome his worsening drug addiction. Zimdancehall’s controversial power couple reunited last year after breaking up in 2016.

“Takapihwa counselling asi parizvino handifungi kuti Soul Jah Love anokodzera kuti tidzokerane nokuti zvakaita kuti tinetsane hazvisati zvachinja.(We received some counselling but at this point I don’t think Soul Jah Love is ready to be given a second chance because nothing has changed yet,” said Bounty Lisa then.

She added that the situation had been complicated further by the fact that the Zimdancehall star had not owned up to the harm he inflicted on her.

“Akangoti sorry asvika kuRhodesville Police Station because aitya kusungwa but later akataridza kuti haasati achinja. Arikuda kuti ini nditi sorry but how can I say sorry ndisina kumukanganisira uye achindipomera mhosva dzandisingazivi? (Soul Jah Love wants me to say sorry to him for offences that I never committed but I won’t do that.),” said the Zimdancehall singer who is currently nursing injuries from the attack by Soul Jah Love.

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While Father Paris, who took over  as the Zimdancehall star’s manager from Benjamin Nyandoro about four months ago, was very guarded on Bounty Lisa and Soul Jah Love’s turbulent relationship, he was more than willing to talk about Soul Jah Love’s plans for this year.

He said, contrary to popular opinion, Soul Jah Love was a very straightforward person.

“He is not a hard nut to crack. He doesn’t want people who beat about the bush. For example, if he asks you about something he wants an answer immediately and he won’t entertain someone who will promise to answer tomorrow,” said Father Paris.

He is convinced that Soul Jah Love will rise above his current challenges and take his career to new heights.

“The key components of our strategy this year are more videos and foreign shows. Soon Soul Jah Love will also be backed by a live band.

“From February he will do several international tours. On February 18 he will perform in Cyprus; On February 24 he will be in the United Kingdom for the Zim Connect 2018 gig where he will share the stage with Ammara Brown, Stunner, ExQ, Trevor Dongo and UK-based Charlie Kay.

“His other forthcoming foreign gigs are Australia (March), Cape Town, South Africa (March), United Kingdom (May), Canada (June) and UK (August),” said Father Paris.

On Soul Jah Love’s reputation for not showing up for shows, Father Paris pinned the blame mostly on music promoters.

“We have had problems with music promoters who put Soul Jah Love’s name on posters without his knowledge or paying him first. If there is one thing he will never do is to perform pasina payment.

“Anomboyedza kuimba kuti vanhu vanzwe zvinenge zvichiitika like kuti  handiuye kuzoimba mahara tangawabhadhara and sauro chiri pakutsvaga gauro. (In some of his hits he has sung about the fact that he won’t perform without being paid. He respects his fans because his livelihood hinges on them,” he said.


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