Grace Mugabe’s son ‘sneaks out supercars’… but then they crashed


Harare – Three 'supercars' owned by ousted Zimbabwean first lady Grace Mugabe and her son have been involved in an accident in Botswana, a newspaper says.

Mmegi Online said on its Twitter account that the three vehicles "believed to be belonging to Grace Mugabe" had had a "freak accident" on the A1 road near the town of Artesia late on Friday. It said the cars – a Porsche, a Rolls Royce and a Range Rover – were badly damaged but the drivers were not hurt. Artesia is around an hour's drive from the capital Gaborone.

There were few other details. A photo posted by the paper to Twitter shows the back of a car with the number plate 'RG SVA' on a grassy track at night. Two people are leaning on the vehicle.

There had already been huge speculation on Zimbabwean social media after an affidavit showing Grace Mugabe of the "Grace Mugabe Children's Home" had authorised her son Russell Goreraza to drive one of the cars, the Range Rover, out. Goreraza is Grace's son from her first marriage. Unconfirmed reports from inside Zimbabwe say the other two vehicles belong to Goreraza.

Goreraza is said to have told customs officials at the border post that he was taking all three cars to Johannesburg via Botswana to be serviced. Some Zimbabweans prefer travelling to South Africa via Botswana these days because that way they can avoid the chaotic Beitbridge border post.

There were suggestions that the former first lady and her son might have been trying to avoid having the cars seized when an amnesty expires for the return of all money illegally spirited from Zimbabwe during Mugabe's long rule. New president Emmerson Mnangagwa – a former VP who took over after the military intervened last November – has been talking tough on corruption as he seeks to win international confidence (though there are suspicions he may be unfairly targeting only his political rivals).

Grace's appetite for luxury and her barely-cloaked determination to take over from Mugabe made her very unpopular: in fact, she's largely blamed for Mugabe's downfall. There have been hints that she and her two sons with the former president could face investigations – possibly only after Mugabe has died.

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