Hanssen stars in another thriller


HARARE – Film and theatre actor Kevin Hanssen has starred in another thriller yet to be released called Mind Games.

The film is set for release mid-year and preparations for the launch are already at an advanced stage. 


The-44-year-old actor was crowned Best Actor at last year’s edition of the joint ZIFF /IFF festival held in August after playing the character of EX a criminal master mind in the movie Mind Games.

Mind Games is a locally-produced thriller set in modern day Zimbabwe; it unravels the complexities of human thought and emotion.

In the film, EX played roles of a genius psychopath who takes Sam played by Dax Jackson through a series of tests that inadvertently force Sam to revisit his dark secrets and resolve his personal demons.

“It was quite a physical film than I ever thought it was going to be, there are a number of fight scenes like in any other good action film. I enjoy working with Dax Jackson, he has a lot of muscle but he is quite a sweet guy,” Hanssen said.

“What really brought me to the film is the fact that it deals with subjects that I think we deal with our own lives.”

Charles Mawungwa, the director and co-producer of Mind Games said the film has to date managed to win the best Narrative Feature Award at the Calcutta International Cult Film Festival in New York.

It was also recently a finalist at the Near Nazareth Film Festival in Israel and also made it as an official selection at the Five Continents International Film Festival this month.

“Working with Hanssen was a blessing to the film as he brought in a lot of experience and high energy as he played the character EX exceptionally, people will be amazed by his performance.”

Apart from acting, Hanssen is a prolific TV and theatre director for various productions that include a theatre production called Dickens – The Master Story teller which he was the director and lead actor which toured various African countries and the United Kingdom a few years ago. 

Hansen is holder of various acting awards that include Twelfth Night— Pick of the Fringe Award, Edinburgh Festival, Born  African Spirit of the Fringe Award, Edinburgh Festival, Miss Julie–BAT best Actor Award, I’m Not Rappaport BAT Best Supporting Actor, An Inspector Calls –AFDIS Best Actor Award among others.


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