Motivational speaker releases another gem


HARARE – Philanthropist Nehemiah Chipato has done it yet again with a 39-page publication titled Time Prescriptions: Joel 2: 25 & 28 whose thrust is to show how God promises to restore years which have been eaten.

The ability to exercise natural senses determines how to be appropriate in the aftermath when God restores time to your life.

“The equation of love is hidden in giving, war is seed of victory in battlefield, peace is hidden in agreement, money is the reward system of a solved problem and success enthusiasm from failure to failure. Decisions decide outcomes of seasons and harvest. Time reveals objectives and purpose in a given moment, honour creates flow of favour and access to desired results, knowledge is seed for understanding.” (p2)


Perhaps one of the most important aspects of the book is found in Chipato’s encouragement on others to be able to identify their dreams. “Dreams usually hide in mind but you must know how to convert those dreams into reality. Therefore covert thought into words and words into creativity.” (p25)

Some of Chipato’s words are real nuggets which can be very useful in life situations and they are consistent with his other hat as a motivational speaker.

“We have permitted the seed of catastrophe, conspiracy, shipwreck and loss of life to manipulate our seasons, months, days and years by concluding it is embedded in the will towards humanity. This is a shame which is attached in life process that causes people to drown into natural fears which lead to incompetent, messy life and kills our creative abilities and self-esteem to have impact on earth.” (p2)

His view of poverty is also very interesting. He views poverty as a condition, which can be changed if one applies himself/herself to changing it.

“Poverty is destitution, need, want, and imply a state of deprivation and lack of the means for proper existence. It is the condition of having little or no money or means of support . . . Poverty is not the absence of resources, but it is the absence of imagination, because whatever you plant in your subconscious mind, nourished with repetition and emotionally it will one day become a reality.”

Besides philanthropic work, Chipato’s world has significantly and successfully expanded into authorship. In an earlier interview with this writer Chipato says of his journey: “I later developed this knack of writing books. I am inspired by the Holy Spirit to write these books, which I sell and pool resources to help the marginalised. My target is to be able to write up to four books per month. These books are available on createspace on Amazon.”The Triangle-born philanthropist believes that if there was going to be reformation, transformation, inspiration in the kingdom of God, then it had to be achieved in part through writing.

“I write books because of great persuasion of need to reform, transform, inform, rebuild people lives among other key missions.

“My definition of under-privileged would include the orphans in our society, because they usually have no one to give them parental care and basic needs like food and education.

I grew up seeing a lot of people, especially in Masvingo, where the young people end up drifting across the border into South Africa to eke out a living. In rural areas, there are pupils who walk up to 40 kilometres to and from school, so I also have a vision to build dormitories for such people in the long run so that they do not continue to walk long distances.

The prayer that appears at the end of the small book can be useful to any reader who reads it. It appears to be a template of repentance for born-again Christians. “Father, I ask the blood of Jesus to wash my sins, cleanse me and sanctify me in Jesus’ name. Jesus, I confess with my mouth that I accept you as my Lord and Saviour today.” (P39)

Chipato was born in 1984, on December 16 at Collin Saunders Hospital in the small sugar-producing town of Triangle in the Lowveld.

He is a Christian and has authored the following Christian motivational books — on top of Rich Man Therapy — Spiritual Diagnosis of Sickness and Diseases, Prayer Zones and Time Zones, Nuggets of Fasting, Power and lately, Time Prescriptions.

He is a philanthropist who is the founder of Joyland Reformers and Joyland Youth Reformers.

The former Miracletv 24 prayer line call centre representative is also a motivational speaker, advisor, coach of direct prayers. He says he is inspired by the need to reform, transform, inform, rebuild people lives, which he tries to do through writing.

Joyland is headquartered in the United States of America and has branches in France, South Africa and Angola. The branches are international call centres where people can actually get prayers over the phone. All churches in Zimbabwe can access the call centres.


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