263 Nights light up Jo’burg


HARARE – South Africa-based Zimbabwean entertainment entrepreneur Batsirai Masvinge has come up with gigs dubbed 263 Nights.

The concerts named after Zimbabwe’s area code, have become must-attend events for Zimbabweans based in South Africa yearning to get a taste of home.


Boasting a rotation of world-renowned DJs and surprise performances, 263 Nights, which are hosted in Sandton in the heart of Johannesburg, has endured competition and outlasted the rise and fall of countless nightlife trends.

Masvinge, a film and television producer, started the popular concert in his flat before moving it to the rooftop. He has been pleasantly surprised by the increasing popularity of the event.

“I started 263 Nights a year-and-half ago when I moved to South Africa. We started with just about five people in my living room; a month later we moved it to the roof top before it expanded into a mainstream event which is popular in Sandton, Johannesburg,” said Masvinge.

Due to the increasing popularity of the 263 Nights amongst various nationalities, Masvinge has decided to export the initiative.

“The 263 Nights are popular amongst not only Zimbabweans but people from countries such as Tanzania, Nigeria, Cameroon and Zambia.

“This year the main vision is expanding to other countries where Zimbabweans reside and we will be going to different international cities hosting our first class parties for all those who miss home.

“The first quarter of the year we are in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (March 3), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (March 9) and Hangzhou and Beijing in China (March 16). After that we will come back to Africa and head to Namibia (March 27).

“We are starting with a world tour making our calendar for this year very exciting with tour dates for United States of America, England and Australia to be announced soon,” said the entrepreneur.

Since the initiative was born one-and-half years ago, Masvinge has hosted over seven parties graced by an array of African celebrities.

“So far we have done a total of seven 263 Nights in South Africa over the past year …we have had over 25 artistes come to perform/attend or host 263 Nights. From Nigeria A list actors such as Mike Ezuruonye, Zimbabwean top singers such as Military Touch Movement’s Ex Q and Nutty O, Ammara Brown, Stunner, Nox and Roki to top socialites such as Platinum Diamond’s wife Zari The Boss Lady.  The list is endless …we pride ourselves to have hosted some of the top A-listers who reside in Sandton and surrounding areas,” he said.

Going forward, Masvinge is determined to make the 263 Nights bigger and better.

“This year our guest list and performing artists line up is going to be diverse as we are in talks with some of the big five Zimbabwean singers to headline the parties on our world tour and in South Africa.

“We will also be hosting regional superstars. I think for now we will withhold specific names until in a few weeks when we officially announce the calendar for 2018. We are currently making bookings from now until December 31 so all our fans around the world will know when next they can enjoy a 263 Nights weekend,” he said.


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