Hip-hop is my way of life, says Calvin Treazy


BULAWAYO – Rising rapper Calvin Tatenda Nyamidzi, 25, better known as Calvin Treazy, is regarded as one of the most promising Zim hip- hop talents in Bulawayo.

The young rapper has not looked back since he dropped his debut nine-track EP titled Young and Getting it two years ago.


Calvin Treazy’s debut project features fellow City of Kings rappers such as Maestro IV, Cal_Vin, Maya and Lee McHoney.

Last year, he released two singles Vhura Bhachi, which features his brother Munya Vybz (Munyaradzi Nyamidzi) and Bhalabhala, which features Maestro IV.

The Daily News on Sunday’s Jeffrey Muvundusi recently spoke to Calvin Treazy. Below are excerpts of the interview:

Q: Who is Calvin Treazy?

A: My real name is Tatenda Calvin Nyamidzi aka Calvin Treazy. I am a 25-year-old rapper from Bulawayo, who came onto the music scene three years ago and made a name for himself after releasing two projects namely Life Before Fame and Young And Getting It.

Q: What happened after your last offering Young And Getting It?

A: I released three singles namely Vhura Bhachi, Bhalabhala and The Life I Chose.

Q: Doesn’t your name and that of Luveve boy Cal_vin create confusion among music fans?

A: It does a lot but I hope they are going to get used to it and actually get the difference.

Q: Many people in the City of Kings have described you as a Lil Wayne lookalike, what is your reaction to this?

A: It is a blessing in disguise because I am a big fan of him and the fact that people think of him when they look at me it is just amazing in a funny way though. It is also complimentary in a way.

Q: What do you think needs to be added to the Zim hip-hop genre to make it more competitive on the international stage?

A: We as rappers first of all need to put out nice quality stuff including visuals so that people can see where we are and what we represent from our point of view…we have to make it worth their money. It begins from there.

Q: Who are your top five Zim hip-hop rappers?

A: Maestro IV, Cal_vin, AWA, Jnr Brown and Sharky.

Q: I understand you moved the release date of the project you were working on titled The Life I Chose. Why did you postpone it and what should fans expect from the forthcoming project?

A: The reason I moved the release date from last year to this year is to ensure that I drop it at the appropriate time. With the people I worked with on the project, we really did a something spectacular.

It is the best work I have done to date so I am keen to ensure that it gets the  reception it deserves…Am sure once it goes on the market it is  going to be worth the money. It’s really something to look forward to. It is going to be worth the wait.

Q:  Since you worked closely with the people who organised this year’s 2017 Zim Hip-Hop Awards which attracted mixed feelings, what measures do you think should be put in place to make the event better?

A: The number one challenge is investors…It is not easy to run such things if you don’t have the necessary financial resources.

Beefy Harrison and everyone behind the Zim Hip-Hop Awards should be applauded for managing to come up with an event of reasonable quality despite the financial limitations.

Without the input of these committed there would be no Zim Hip-Hop Awards to talk about. But it will be well in due course.

Q: What do you have to say about hip-hop airplay locally?

A: DJs have a big part to play when it comes to making this genre trend….whether it’s radio or club DJs they really should join forces with us to make Zimbabweans appreciate the genre.

They need to believe and trust in the talent that we have.

Q: What should we expect from Calvin Treazy in the year 2018?

A: I am expecting to put out a lot of work next year…I had planned on putting out more than one project because I feel like artistically I am ready to feed the streets with new music since I have been getting a lot of feedback from people who have been following me

Q: Which artistes do you intend to work with on your future projects?

A: I really wish to work with the likes of Asaph, AWA, MC Chita and Emtee. I recently worked on a project with Cal_Vin so music fans should expect big things from me in the form of collaborations with these exciting artistes.

Q: Are you willing to be signed up by a bigger label or are determined to remain an independent artiste and do you have a manager?

A: If the deal is good why not? I have a manager now. I figured out the moves I want to make this coming year cannot be done by me alone.

Q: I understand you are running a movement with one Dice Gang, what is this about?

A: Dice gang is a clothing label and a movement that I’m going to officially launch soon that is going to branch out into a lot of things because as an artist you have to leave a legacy.

Q: Your last words?

A: Hip-hop to me is a way of life, so its part and parcel of my life I can’t live without. Not forgetting those who follow me, I will churn out the best till we get there.


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