‘Lack of resources hindering growth’


HARARE – Lack of resources — material, technological and financial — remains a serious obstacle to the development of Zimbabwean entrepreneurs, the Affirmative Action Group (AAG) has said.

The empowerment lobby group said this in a congratulatory message to retired general Constantino Chiwenga and Kembo Mohadi following their appointment as the country’s two vice presidents last week.

According to the organisation, founded by businessman Philip Chiyangwa, newly-appointed President Emmerson Mnangagwa has the capacity to drive and foster social and economic development.


“As an advocacy group for economic empowerment, we reaffirm our belief in that lack of access to resources, be they natural, material, technological and financial, remains a serious hindrance to the establishment and development of a strong indigenous entrepreneurial class.

“We believe that through the foresighted leadership of His Excellency and riding on the wave of the new dispensation, government will drive change and foster social and economic innovation and development through empowering people and creating new opportunities for economic growth by opening the economy to international investors while making sure that the resultant growth is not achieved by further marginalisation of the citizenry,” AAG said.

Chiwenga and Mohadi were sworn in by the Chief Justice Luke Malaba at the State House last Thursday, following the change of leadership in Zanu PF after Mnangagwa took over from former president Robert Mugabe, who had been in power for the past 37 years.

The organisation said the two have illustriously served Zimbabwe in a distinguished and highly commendable way before and after independence in 1980.

“They participated in the development of a free and democratic State of Zimbabwe and truly understand the needs and aspirations of the people of Zimbabwe.

“Having served in their previous assignments with distinction and unfailing service to the nation of Zimbabwe, the AAG would like to offer them unconditional support in their new role and pledge to support all government efforts and policies that unavoidably commit government to intervene in the removal of social and economic disparities that unless dealt with, continue to be the source of marginalisation, unemployment and poverty,” the organisation now being headed by businessman Chamu Chiwanza said.

AAG also thanked Mnangagwa for his “bold, clear and inspiring leadership that has raised the hopes of the nation to unprecedented heights and has given all Zimbabweans both in and outside the country the confidence that Zimbabwe will after all rise to be a great economic giant that it is”.

“His Excellency has in the shortest time possible demonstrated that economic revival is possible if the people of Zimbabwe unite for the single purpose of building Zimbabwe through hard work and shying away from destructive tendencies.

“The AAG would like to assure His Excellency of their support of government in all its current initiatives aimed at reviving the economy and providing a foundation for long term economic growth,” the organisation said.


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