Chi-Town residents oppose retrenchment


HARARE – Chitungwiza and Manyame Rural Residents Association (Camera) has questioned the logic behind retrenching workers when the city’s service delivery continues to suffer.

This comes as the town is planning to retrench 108 workers after only 24 employees volunteered to go on retirement.

Camera spokesperson Marvellous Kumalo said Chitungwiza was still behind in terms of basic service delivery yet they were retrenching.


“Is it really necessary to retrench these people? What will it benefit the town? Service delivery is still lagging behind people go for weeks without water and the housing situation has not yet been resolved. All these issues need to be addressed first,” Kumalo said.

He added that there were people in council who benefitted from illegal stand sales who might remain in their jobs during the retrenchment exercise.

Kumalo said the local authority must be cognisant of the poor state of service delivery that residents have been enduring because of its lack of priorities.

Chitungwiza Residents Trust (Chitrest) petitioned Local Government minister July Moyo to address the problems in the town.

In a statement, Chitrest said the issue of suspended councillors need to be addressed as the Madzudzo Pawadyira Commission was not doing anything.    

“We kindly ask you to immediately dissolve the caretaker council appointed by you predecessor to run the affairs of Chitungwiza Municipality on behalf the elected councillors. It came to office without well-defined terms of reference and was always doomed to fail.

“At the moment all they have managed to do is to frustrate residents by looting from depleted council coffers,” Chitrest said.

They said the haphazard grabbing and allocation of stands by land barons hiding behind the name of the ruling Zanu PF party should be stopped.

“Urban planning regulations should be adhered to, needless we remind each other that Chitungwiza is an urban area not a rural village.

“The Nyatsime housing issue has been outstanding for nearly two decades now and needs urgent redress.

“Home seekers paid for stands and council is facing challenges in allocating these stands because of outstanding paperwork from the Lands ministry as well as illegal settlers who have taken advantage of the lack of speed in dealing with the issue by council.

“It is a serious matter that needs the intervention of your ministry,” he said.


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