ACCZ recalls Ndanga


HARARE – The Apostolic Christian Council of Zimbabwe (ACCZ) has recalled Johannes Ndanga as the life president of the religious group.

ACCZ secretary-general Obert Matsveru told a press conference that Ndanga grossly violated the organisation’s constitution by manipulating patrons of ACCZ without agreement of the Apostolic Bishops Council (ABC).

This comes after Ndanga unilaterally appointed former first lady Grace Mugabe to be the ACCZ’s patron at the Super Sunday service at Rufaro Stadium — an event that later led to her ouster


“We have unanimously recommended for the recalling of Ndanga with immediate effect because he violated the constitution of ACCZ section 2 by manipulating the appointment of ACCZ patrons without agreeing with ABC.

“He unlawfully and unilaterally appointed people to positions without following the laid down procedures in the constitution, especially the appointments of the current executive board which its legality has been rendered null as bishops representing provinces have dissolved it with immediate effect,” Matsveru said.

He said ACCZ had given Ndanga 14 days to return the organisation’s property which he had taken sole custody of in violation of section 7.1 of their constitution.

Matsveru said that Ndanga had amended the constitution of the ACCZ to make himself the life president, a provision he said had been nullified.

“There will no longer be life presidency. The ACCZ president will be ceremonial and will get instructions from ABC which is the governing body. No president will work above the bishops’ council and without their agreement like he did,” he said.

ACCZ Archbishop Lameck Chitope said Ndanga made the cardinal mistake of not adhering to what the present government wants.

Chitope said the embattled leader is being stubborn and has not been responding to communication from the church to reform.

“There was communication between us and government that Ndanga was part of the G40 cabal and that he had to go.

“As the ACCZ we later decided that he should step aside and make way for new leadership. His mistake was associating himself with Mugabe and her political fights which we did not endorse.

“We were supposed to be accredited to go to President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s inauguration but Ndanga did not communicate with us. We know that he was there but he never went up to congratulate the new President. With that we saw that he did not approve of the new dispensation and had to distance ourselves from him,” Chitope said.

Efforts to reach Ndanga for a comment were futile as his mobile phone was switched off.


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