Zim Christian author concludes Southern African tour


HARARE – Christian author and success coach Brilliant Pongo has just concluded a tour of Southern Africa which saw him travel to South Africa, Botswana and Zimbabwe.

One of the highlights of the tour was the “Powered to Succeed” book event in Francistown, Botswana which took place during the first weekend of this month.

“Powered to Succeed” is one several books that have been written over the past couple of years by the Bulawayo-born Christian writer and success coach.


Pongo, who is also a journalist, has released acclaimed  Christian books such as Protect the Harvest, Chauffeured by a Prophet, After I Receive, Carrot Cake and Salty Christians and My Rolex; God's Time.

In each book, Pongo delivers a detailed chronicle of each vision that led to the writing of the book as well as his life as a writer, husband and father.

Protect the Harvest, the first of many books that the prolific Christian author has released, was written as a result of a vision Pongo received while traveling to the Democratic Republic of Congo for a gospel crusade.

It serves as a sort of introduction to the spiritual encounters experienced by this formerly acerbic and anti-prosperity-gospel proponent.

The rising author believes Christian books should be “succinctly written, unembellished and precise.

My books have an underpinning of tenderness, and a fondness to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ, as a poverty-breaking message, an apparent signature visible in all my writing,” said Pongo adding:

“I want the world to know that the gospel of Jesus Christ liberates you not only from sin but literally frees you from the bounds of poverty and physical lack. I want my readers to know about this Jesus Christ and His love and have them relish life and have a sense of its abundance.”


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