Meet Zim’s new hip-hop queen


HARARE – Sultry Zim hip-hop queen Kikky BadAss says the two gongs she won at this year’s edition of the Zim Hip-Hop Awards is ample proof that she is more than just a pretty face.

Kikky BadAss landed the coveted People’s Choice Award and the Best Female Artiste gong in Bulawayo last weekend.

“I am more than a pretty face. My lyrics should tell you and the moves I have made this year only show that.

“Also I am still pursuing my dreams of becoming a lawyer. I will be in university next year.

“These awards also prove that the people who love and support me are definitely more than the ones who doubt and dislike me.

“I mean they voted (for the People’s Choice Award) and we won against the people I knew when I was younger who have greater achievements and bigger brands. So it is definitely proof that my craft is there and it is real and it is loved,” she told the Daily News on Sunday.


The rising hip-hop songstress, who was born Christabelle Stembeni Mahlungwa is unapologetic about her stage name.

“My stage name is not controversial. People with perverted mindsets think it is controversial; the real ones know!

“Kikky BadAss is a brand which symbolises true self and represents determination to prove doubting Thomases wrong. Kikky BadAss is everything Zimbabwe has been missing in the entertainment industry.

“I opted for this stage name because I am badass. Whenever I set my mind towards something I make sure I get it. I am very rude when it comes to chasing my dreams. Hatiseke ipapo,” the Zim Hip-Hop Awards 2017 Best Female Artiste gong winner said.

Kikky BadAss added that she has what it takes to make a mark in the male-dominated Zim hip-hop sector.

“Do I have guts to take on men who have always dominated this sector?

“I already did. Expect nothing but greatness because undermining me is like taking poison and hoping it doesn’t kill you. I will always come through, deliver and win,” she said, adding that she has a great respect for Zim hip-hop artistes before her.

“And I must say they will always get my respect for being there before us and doing great things.”

The rising star, who is a great admirer of fellow Zim hip-hop songstress Awa, wants women artistes not to feel intimidated by male artistes.

“I am a woman with no fear and I damn right speak my mind. Let’s just say I am one of those people who refuse to have an institutionalised mentality.

“I don’t believe people should act a certain way to achieve what they want. I believe we were given free will so I am not afraid to push the limits. I don’t conform to people’s expectations. What Kikky wants, Kikky does and what Kikky does Kikky wins,” said Kikky BadAss.

Though Kikky BadAss has risen to be the national hip-hop queen, she wasn’t always part of the genre.

“I never grew up in the hip-hop era, it was called the urban grooves back then and I listened to Roki and Chamhembe but during my high school days when music started to evolve I listened to Stunner and Few Kings back in the days.

“I have always been a music person since I was a little girl. I featured on gospel artiste Joyce Simeti’s music video, my piano lessons teacher was also very popular Mrs Bare, may both their souls Rest in Peace,” she told the Daily News on Sunday.

Despite being a relative late comer on the national music stage, Kikky BadAss does not consider herself a greenhorn.

“I once worked with Bryce nation and Cindy was someone I looked up to so much, so I wouldn’t consider myself a newcomer “I have always been around and in the making. I released my single

Body Conversations which has a music video and it trended for over a week in June. I released my debut album Queen of the South which also did very well,” she said.


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