CSOs help Mat residents to get IDs


HARARE – The Zimbabwe Human Rights Association (ZimRights) in collaboration with the Election Resource Centre (ERC) has been carrying out documentation clinics in the Matabeleland region to assist potential voters to get documented and registered to vote.

ZimRights engaged Abammeli Lawyers for Human Rights Network to do documentation of beneficiaries, where they assisted in drafting of affidavits to enable them to acquire either birth certificates or IDs.

The programme is currently running in Cebatswa Farm, where the first beneficiaries were transported to the Registrar-General's office in the nearby city of Bulawayo.

Abammeli engaged the provincial registrar and arrangements were made that there be a mobile birth and deaths registration centre at Trenance a few kilometres from the farm.

Apart from registering to vote, the programme is also encouraging citizens to participate in local governance issues that affect them in their communities.

The initiative was also meant to ensure that people enjoy all the rights enshrined in the Constitution.


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