Believe Gaule sings Mnangagwa praises


BULAWAYO – Zanu PF Matabeleland North provincial executive member  and former senator  — Believe Gaule who was close to self-exiled former Cabinet minister Jonathan Moyo — says President Emmerson Mnangagwa is a hugely popular figure in Tsholotsho.

Gaule, while denying that he is trying to curry favour with Mnangagwa and his new administration, having hobnobbed with Moyo before his inglorious exit from Zanu PF and government, also said Mnangagwa’s path to the presidium had long been sealed in 2004, at Dinyane School in Tsholotsho.

“The people of Tsholotsho did not endorse ED (Mnangagwa) today, they did so in 2004 during the Dinyane declaration, which resulted in me and many others being fired from the party.

“That’s when …Mnangagwa was chosen to lead this country. That is why during that meeting while he didn’t attend we honoured him with a leopard skin, in our culture that skin signified a ruler or a king.

“Remember, I am the one who personally availed that skin which means we had already endorsed him then,” Gaule told Southern News. He said Mnangagwa was hugely popular in Tsholotsho.

“So we cannot talk about these other things that people lie about. You could have seen how he (Mnangagwa) was received when he came to campaign for Moyo ahead of the 2013 elections.

“So it’s misleading for someone to raise those claims. In any case Tsholotsho North will always be a Zanu PF stronghold, it was a mistake for opposition to at one point to take this seat but trust me we are in control,” said Gaule.

Gaule paid tribute to Moyo for the “hardwork” he did in the development of the Tsholotsho North constituency during his time as MP.


“We can’t ignore what Moyo did in Tsholotsho. He did a number of projects for the people and as people of Tsholotsho we really thank him.

“All his projects will remain in Tsholotsho for the people. We should not say since Moyo got lost along the way then it now means all what he did has been erased…no is not like that. We are really grateful for his commitment in developing our place,” said Gaule.

He told Southern News how his relationship with Moyo broke up and has no regrets that it ended that way.

“We used to be very close, even before the Dinyane issue when I was the party district chair. We worked very well and he would appreciate my works on the ground. I learnt a lot from him.

“However, we got separate ways when he started doing his G40 (Generation 40) thing. That’s when I said no to this. I even told him that on that thing he was lost but he didn’t listen, so that’s why he is where he is now,” said Gaule.

Gaule is tipped to replace Moyo in Tsholotsho North but he didn’t give away any hint that he would put his hat into the ring.

“What is important is that he is gone there is a gap and it is the people of Tsholotsho who will sit down and choose who will take over and carry on with the work that Moyo was doing.

“I trust and believe in the people of Tsholotsho, they know what theywant and they know their leaders.”


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