‘2018 National Budget bullish, positive’


HARARE – The 2018 budget is the most bullish and positive budget since 2000, which sets a positive tone towards a new economic order, a leading financial research firm has said.

Equity Axis noted that the targets are broadly a tall order but not necessarily a pie in the sky, but achievable.

“Focus on the endogenous function of the economy which is more susceptible to alterations, can ensure quick wins. There are low hanging fruits anywhere such as non-existent ghost public workers that can be easily eliminated for quick gains,” Equity Axis said in a commentary.

“However to address most of these issues government needs to be politically prepared to change course from a patronage system that had aligned the public sector to powers that be.”

It said implementation of reforms is also likely to be affected by pending elections in 2018 which do not favour contractionary policies.


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