Masvinu banned from defending Mr Ugly title


HARARE – Mr Ugly director David “Apama Styles” Machowa’s has revealed plans to stop repeat-winner William Masvinu from contesting in future pageants.

“We are going to stop Masvinu as we cannot continue running with the same face representing the pageant. We need to give others a chance.

“He will contest in bigger pageants such as Mr Ugly Africa. Locally, Masvinu has proved that he has no competition,” Apama said.

William Masvinu

Mr Ugly – William Masvinu

“After some consultations with key stakeholders, we have learnt that Masvinu is scaring other contestants to compete in the pageant, hence the idea to retire him. We want the pageant to grow,” Machowa told the Daily News.

The plan did not go down well with Masvinu.

“There is no way I can simply stand aside and look. The only way they can hound me out of the pageant is the emergence of another champion who is uglier than me, otherwise I am not going anywhere,” Masvinu said.

In 2012, there were five contestants and these were Masvinu (the winner), Freddy Mwando (first runner-up), Chinotimba Admire, Derek Chavhi and Yolum Banda.

In 2013, Masvinu effortlessly defended his title, beating other seven contestants the likes of Fungai Mapangire, Billy Kuvheya, Bright Marikopo, Farai Sithole, Innocent Mavhima, Timothy Makari and Chakunuka Matiza.

In 2014, the pageant was not held due to lack of sponsorship but it only returned the following year (2015) with seven contestants Mison Sere (winner), Masvinu (first runner-up), Givemore Sambana (second runner-up) Vincent Piroro, Patrick Mupereki, Doctor Chikaura and Gumisai Makonese walking up the romp.

In 2017, the number of contestants fell again to just five and on the list were Masvinu, Fanuel Musekiwa, Sere, Clayton Anderson and Dennis Sunday.

Over the years, the pageant was affected greatly by the issue of prize money for winners.


“Of late, we are happy that winners are getting something meaningful out of their ugliness. The overall winner is getting $500 which is a big deal in Zimbabwe especially for those unemployed.

“Previously, the winner would get about a $100 but we have since increased the prize money in order to incentivise contestants,” he said.

In 2015, the Mr Ugly pageant finals got uglier as Masvinu threw curse-laden tantrums after losing the contest and his anger was arguably fuelled by the love of winning the prize of $500.

“Previously, I contested with the winner and he was on the fourth position and I won the title. So what has changed now?” questioned Masvinu.

“He simply won because of his tooth gaps, so does that define ugliness? Do you want me to remove some of my teeth to reclaim my position,” said Masvinu then.

“To me the pageant has not yet started, this was just a dubious event hence there is no way I can accept the outcome.

“Organisers should quickly set the dates for a re-run otherwise I am not going to surrender the title.

“Apart from this, I want to deal with adjudicators and the winner for stealing the pageant results,” Masvinu who had benefited fairly from corporate endorsements during his reign as Mr Ugly said then.


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