Dandemutande cleared to acquire YoAfrica


HARARE – Dandemutande Investments, a leading Internet Access Provider, says it has received full approval from the Competition and Tariff Commission for its acquisition of YoAfrica, a leading player in the provision of Internet services to the Small and Medium Enterprise market.

“We are delighted with the news. Whilst Dandemutande is the connectivity provider of choice for corporate and regional enterprises, the approval of the YoAfrica transaction additionally positions us as the largest solutions provider to the SME market,” Dandemutande chief executive Nhena Nyagura said.

“We want our customers to succeed in the markets they operate in and in the coming months we will introduce tailored products and solutions that will help them to transform the markets they serve.”

Speaking on the development, the marketing manager Cassandra Chiumbu-Maseko said “In support of this development, we will be relaunching the Utande brand under the theme ‘beyond Broadband’ because the Internet and online platforms provide a world of opportunity to increase business growth and efficiency. Utande will specifically focus on digital transformational solutions that speak to the needs of the SME market.”

The CTC approval and subsequent relaunch of Utande strengthens Dandemutande’s national presence and firmly establishes its dominance in the enterprise market.

It is also one of the leading providers of VSAT services in Zimbabwe.


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