Mujuru calls for fresh land audit


HARARE – The Joice Mujuru-led National People’s Party (NPP) has called on the Emmerson Mnangagwa government to carry out a fresh land audit to weed out multiple farm owners across the country.

This comes after Zimbabwe’s new leader Mnangagwa told a bumper crowd at the ruling Zanu PF headquarters in Harare on Wednesday night that the country was going into a new stage of democracy following Robert Mugabe’s removal as president after 37 years of unbridled rule.

“There is need for genuine land audit so that the nation gets to know who owns what of the land taken from the white community,” NPP secretary general Gift Nyandoro said yesterday.

“We cannot be a nation where one person owns multiple farms when the rest have no land to settle on. It’s time Zimbabweans demands a new culture of doing business that is not based on patronage and personality cults. Nobody is above the law and we are all servants of same.”

Mugabe’s programme to seize white-owned farmland for redistribution to landless blacks is blamed for plunging once self-sufficient Zimbabwe into food shortages after Harare failed to support black villagers resettled on former white farms with inputs to maintain production.

The NPP said the new government must begin auditing the controversial land reforms to weed out top allies of Mugabe who grabbed most of the best farms seized from whites with some ending up with as many as six farms each against the government’s stated one-man-one-farm policy. It was hoped that the audit would lay the groundwork for a more orderly and equitable land redistribution programme.


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