Father gets 20 years for repeatedly raping daughter


HARARE – A Chinhamora  man who sexually abused his 10-year-old daughter was jailed for 20 years yesterday.

The man, 35, (name withheld), started sexually molesting the girl when she was five.  And after each sexual encounter, he would ask his daughter if it was pleasurable before molesting the minor again.

Harare regional magistrate Noel Mupeiwa said the father had destroyed his daughter’s future and it was going to be difficult to dissuade her from sexual activity which she had been ushered into by the biological parent.

“The ability to reproduce is not what qualifies someone to be called a parent but being able to care and nurture children. It is very aggravating for the accused person that he personally introduced his daughter to sexual activity,” Mupeiwa said.

“To make matters worse, there was no mention of use of protection throughout the incidences and the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases, considering the fact that the convicted person was a polygamist, was very high.”


Prosecutor Timothy Makoni had urged the court to impose a sentence that would deter like-minded individuals from committing such offences.

“This is something that is prohibited not only socially, religiously but legally that a father would derive pleasure from sleeping with his biological daughter,” Makoni said.

The father — who runs a college in Chinamora — kept referring to the Bible and said God would save him from jail because he had been convicted of an offence he did not commit.

“I understand that there are a lot of people in our jails who did not commit the offences they are serving for.

“Even Joseph in the Bible was falsely accused but God saved him and I believe that if I am sent to jail today, God will use people to get me out of prison,” the father said in court.

Makoni proved that the juvenile was sexually assaulted for the first time in 2012 but never divulged the ordeal to anyone because she was threatened with assault.

The sexual abuse continued until October this year when he called his daughter during lessons and raped her before ordering her to return to school.

That was when she confided in her mother about the incident and the case was reported to the police.


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