Apama hides quirky hairstyle from own children


HARARE – Comical dancer David “Apama Styles” Machowa’s quirky hairstyle always whips his growing band of fans into a frenzy of excitement.

The award-winning dancer, however, is unwilling to let his children see his bizarrely shaved head.

“I am not comfortable letting them see my trademark; this side of my life. When I am home I always wear a hat. This trademark is for my fans and not my children,” Apama Styles told the Daily News on Sunday.

The 30-year-old comical dancer is married to Velma Phiri .The two have five children namely Constance, Caroline, Tanyaradzwa and Maxwell.


“I want my children to see a normal and ordinary father. I love my children and they love me too. In fact, I toil on daily basis just to make sure that my family leads a fairly comfortable life,” he said, adding that at home he is the exact opposite of his stage personality.

“People who see my hilarious antics on stage will be surprised if they were to see me at home surrounded by my loving family. I want to be a responsible dad and I want them to learn good things from me.”

Even though he is now a recognisable brand, Apama told the Daily News on Sunday that his early days in the dance industry were full of serious obstacles.

“I have managed to get this far due to the support of my family. When I started dating my wife way back, she never looked down upon my work.

“She has always been supportive from day one even though other people despised my work. My mother-in-law also loves me and respects my work just like her daughter,” Machowa said.

Unlike most local dancers who are reportedly earning as little as $10 per show, Apama claims he is enjoying a relatively successful career.

“Through dancing I am now a proud owner of two houses and three cars. I also bought two residential stands…just to mention a few,” he claimed.

The 30 year old dancer, who began professional dancing in 2002, does not restrict his performances to night clubs.

“Unlike other dancers, I perform at events such as weddings, graduation parties, corporate functions and night clubs because my comical act appeals to all age groups. That is why I get gigs almost throughout the week,” he said.

Away from the stage, the hilarious dancer runs the Apama style school of theatre arts (Assota) and the Mr Ugly pageant.


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