Not yet rainy season: MSD


HARARE – While the country has received sporadic rains in some areas, the Meteorological Services Department (MSD) has advised that the rainy season has not yet started.

MSD forecaster Ebedia Hodera said the highest rainfall was recorded in the Manicaland province.

MSD warned on Thursday of a cloud band coming in from Botswana and Zambia which could converge with rises in pressure from Durban, resulting in some scattered thunderstorms.

“The rains which were recorded yesterday do not signify the start of season. Check with your local Agritex officers for guidance and continue checking the weather updates given by Meteorological Service Department,” he said.

Hodera warned against the use of electrical devices during the thunderstorms as well as for people to stay indoors and refrain from seeking shelter under trees.

“Strong winds are also a danger to infrastructure and buildings hence the public is strongly urged to adequately secure their rooftops and building strictures to avoid damage,” Hodera said.

Forecasts by MSD have been showing that violent heat storms have been occurring since the summer started.

The storms which have been forecast to occur over high ground are characterised by violent gusting winds and thunder.

A fortnight ago, the country recorded record high temperatures reaching up to 43 degrees Celsius in areas such as the Zambezi and Limpopo valleys a prelude to the heavy rains.


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