Zanu PF wants $8m to bankroll congress


HARARE – Zanu PF is appealing for donations to raise $8 million inside two months to bankroll the December extra-ordinary congress.

Secretary for finance Obert Mpofu claimed all donated funds will be accounted for.

In sourcing funding for the congress, the ruling party requested beneficiaries of Command Agriculture to strongly consider donating part of their proceeds to the Zanu PF cause following their “bumper harvest.”

The fundraising committee has instructed each of the 10 provinces to raise at least $100 000, with the party expecting to raise other funds through selling raffle tickets, dinners and selling exhibition space.

“We always appeal to our stakeholders for support when we are going to major functions like a conference or congress,” Mpofu told reporters at the Zanu PF HQ yesterday.

“The party is expected to raise at least $8 million through its fundraising efforts. We will be expecting provinces to make their contributions towards this important development.  And they will also be expected to donate in kind, food stuffs and other related items. We have also provided for leadership donations. This is a normal practice we do each time we embark on a fundraising exercise of this nature.”

Zanu PF politburo members, Senators, Members of Parliament and councillors are all expected to contribute, Mpofu said.


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