‘Cabinet nominees must get Parly approval’


HARARE – The MDC is pushing for Parliament confirmation hearings for Cabinet appointees to help uncover flaws in the executive nominees.

Kuwadzana East MDC MP Nelson Chamisa suggested that Parliament must probe the Cabinet nominees to expose their ethical, financial or legal lapses ahead of any reshuffle.

Chamisa told the National Assembly: “Is it possible that in future, when there is a reshuffle, this should be taken into consideration, the work that the ministers do in this august House, because we were seeing that most of the ministers are not being professional.  We are not seeing that being taken into consideration when Cabinet is being chosen.

“I request that the current ministers that we see who do not constantly come to Parliament, when a Cabinet reshuffle is being done, we should, as Parliament, be able to advance that certain individuals should not be entitled  to be ministers, especially with regards to questions with notice.

“May you commit to this as Parliament that we put it in writing to His Excellency, the president, so that this issue can be looked into when he is doing a Cabinet reshuffle so that we have a crop of ministers that work very well.”

Deputy speaker of the National Assembly Mable Chinomona: “I recall that you are also a Member of the Standing Rules and Orders.  You can take it to the Standing Rules and Orders so that issue can be dealt with.”

On Monday, President Robert Mugabe fired and demoted several ministers perceived to be sympathetic to Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa, in a reshuffle which analysts said was motivated by the desire to contain the Midlands godfather’s control and influence of key government ministries.


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