Busy Signal hails hospitable Zim


HARARE – Jamaican dancehall and reggae musician Busy Signal says no country can match Zimbabwe in terms of hospitality.

The Reggae Music Again musician, who will perform in Bulawayo on Friday and Harare the following day, arrived in the country on Sunday after a performance in Kenya. This is the 35-year-old’s second visit to Zimbabwe. He held his first concert in Harare in 2015 at the Glamis Arena which attracted an estimated 10 000 fans.

“Well I mean, I gotta say this; Zim is unexplainable sometimes; you can’t just find the perfect words to explain a certain type of hospitality,” Busy Signal told reporters yesterday, adding: “I don’t really find this kind of hospitality everywhere. In all the places I have been around the world, Zim is really outstanding…and I really feel at home.”

The internationally-acclaimed star, who will rock Large City Hall in Bulawayo on Friday and the capital City’s Glamis Arena on Saturday, has promised to deliver electrifying concerts.


“In terms of the shows coming up it’s gonna be great. I trust that the people will come out and we gonna have a great time. We entertain and they get to see a real live performance.

“I always try to do the best for the fans wherever I go and I try to maintain that standard. I try to do better each time, each day I go out. It should be great it’s gonna be electrifying,” the Watch Out Fi Dis singer said.

The Jamaican star claimed that he follows Zimbabwean music.

“I am bad with names though but I listen to a lot of local (Zimbabwean) music. I just listen to the music here because right now that is what’s trending in Africa and it’s been a long time coming and this is the time right now. I’m widely listening across the board to everyone and try to be very keen,” said Busy Signal.

On Friday in the City of Kings, the Jamaican star will share the stage with South African songstress Busiswa in what promises to be an explosive affair.

At the Harare show, his second at the Glamis Arena, he will share the stage with several local artistes who include Soul Jah Love, Lady Squanda, Dadza D, Killer T, Freeman, Seh Calaz and Kinnah.

The international musician, whose real name is Glendale Goshia Gordon, is expected to perform some of his popular songs that include Watch Out for This, Come Over, Reggae Music Again, One More Night, Nah Go A Jail Again, Tic Toc, and Unknown Number.


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