Zodwa would like to meet Mugabe


BULAWAYO – South African socialite and entertainer Zodwa Wabantu has joined many celebrities who have indicated their soft spot for Zimbabwe’s long ruling leader, President Robert Mugabe saying she would love to meet him.

This, she said was despite the threat by some of her fans on social media prior to her visit that she was likely to be banned from coming to the country due to her perceived “indecent” trade.

“People have been threatening me about Mugabe on social media before I came here,” Zodwa Wabantu told the Daily News after her appearance at Club Connect on Saturday evening.

“They (fans) were telling me that Mugabe does not allow nonsense, as a result I won’t be allowed into Zimbabwe because I am too sexy and put on something more like revealing, which some feel I will be half naked and that he knows that I don’t wear panties,” she said.

“Now that those people see that I am here and free they begin to say maybe Mugabe is one of those that also like me because I don’t wear panties. But the fact is I would love to meet Mugabe, if given a chance, I will certainly love to meet that man,” Zodwa Wabantu said.

She also admitted that she was unsettled by those threats knowing what Mugabe is capable of doing.

“I really felt threatened because I don’t know the politics in this country, but I know Mugabe is a strong man, he will tell you what he wants and what he doesn’t want.

“Imagine if I had landed and I am told Zodwa you must go back. It was possible but after I passed the borders I got excited and felt like I was going to see Mugabe,” she said.

Upon arrival at Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo Airport in the afternoon, Zodwa visited Mqombothi Sport Bar in Nkulumane suburb where she mixed and mingled with her fans who braved the chilly weather.

She said the environment in the high density suburb made her feel more at home.

“That’s my kind of lifestyle, being with the people, ekasi, in township, that’s my, more of Tshisa Nyama, the outdoors I just loved it and that it was during the day I met the people,” she said.

In the evening, Zodwa graced the oversubscribed Club Connect.

Clad in a skimpy black dress that revealed her sensual thighs, Zodwa,  who spent of most her time in the VVIP booth also joined the revellers on the dance floor where she exhibited her dancing skills that have made her popular.

Pantiless as she was, she came down to the fans where she mingled, mixed and danced with them setting the house on fire with others shouting; Zodwa, Zodwa, Zodwa!

“The response was just overwhelming, I am so loved in this country more than any country I have been to,” she told the Daily News.

“Its exciting that I am coming back maybe end of August or September but this time around I will be going to Harare. It was my first time in Zimbabwe and I didn’t know I am known that much.

“The response is just very good. I think they understand Zodwa, they see themselves in me, I am not a bling bling, I relate with them. I still use the same bath soap, I buy the same bread. Nothing has changed because I know where I come from. I will never change going forward,” she said.

“I met Gringo who they say we look alike, it was nice meeting him and I realised people loved him. He is such a nice guy.”


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