Apex council rejects new pay dates


HARARE – The Apex council, which brings together all civil service employee associations, has rejected government’s proposed new pay dates, arguing that they will not rubberstamp ideas they do not know.

Last week, government unveiled a new schedule that would see its workers being paid their June salaries between June 27 and July 19.

In an interview with the Daily News yesterday, Apex council information and Publicity secretary George Mushipe — who is also Zimbabwe Democratic Teachers’ Union president — said government should consult the affected sectors before taking such drastic steps.

Mushipe said instead of talking with the civil service employees over the matter, they had to learn of the staggered pay dates through third parties.

He said cumulatively, civil servants may end up being paid for only eight months of the year because of the shifting pay dates.

“This may be a ploy to cut the wage bill without us realising it. We provide our service diligently and deserve to be paid for it. We have not demanded a salary increment because we appreciate what is going on with the economy.

“But if they do not pay us, then what might happen is unfortunate,” Mushipe said.

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