Macheso inspires Munenzwa


HEALTH – Sungura artiste Alick Macheso has inspired music promoter Regis Munenzwa to build an entertainment joint in the rural areas so as to identify and promote hidden talent.

Munenzwa, who is also the director of Munenzwa Bus Company, confirmed to the Daily News that he is building an entertainment joint at Murambwa Growth Point in Mhondoro to promote musical talent in rural areas.

“I learnt a lot from Macheso. He knows how to promote upcoming artistes especially the marginalised ones.

“He also gives small bands a platform to shine and market themselves at his concerts when they perform as supporting acts and I view it as promotion par excellence.

“As a result, I have discovered a lot of musical talent in Mhondoro where I come from, I need to play my part through building a joint where they can perfect their stage skills before coming to cities like Harare.”

Munenzwa bought a business stand where he is set to build a complex housing a night club, restaurant and a supermarket among other facilities.

“The complex will be complete by October and we are going to invite Macheso to officially open it.

“I am going to pay all the artistes especially from Mhondoro to perform at the joint but the patrons will not pay for entertainment,” Munenzwa said.

Munenzwa has supported a number of artistes including Macheso and Simon Mutambi among others.

“When I promote, I have a soft spot on upcoming artistes. I am different from those promoters who are after big names in order to make money. I supported Mutambi financially when he was without a name and I am happy that he is now doing well in showbiz,” he said.

Macheso identifies and grooms talent especially among marginalised members of society.

During the launch of his 10th studio album Tsoka Dzerwendo at Harare International Conference Centre in March, Macheso unveiled Tendai (surname not known) — a talented dancer he described as a colleague living on the streets.

“Uyu uyu anonzi Tindo (Tendai) iteam rangu iroro. Nditori nemabase eteam dzangu idzodzi, mamwe mabase ari kwaMutare, mamwe kuGweru, Bulawayo nekuMasvingo kwese kwese. Tinozivana. (This is Tindo, he is a colleague. I have bases of band members dotted across the country in places including Mutare, Gweru, Bulawayo and even Masvingo among other areas. We know each other),” said Macheso then.

Orchestra Mberikwazvo band manager Lucky Macheso told the Daily News that the Red Cross Society of Zimbabwe humanitarian ambassador never shuts doors on less privileged members of the society.

“Tendai is still receiving counselling from Macheso considering that he (Tendai) grew up on the streets.

“Macheso is renting a room for him in Budiriro (Harare) such that he can be fully rehabilitated into the society.

“He often joins the band for some rehearsals and if we are fully convinced that he is now equal to the task then we incorporate him into the group,” he said.

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