Rapist father jailed 18 years


HARARE – A 51-year-old Epworth man who raped and sired a son with his biological daughter was jailed for 18 years yesterday.

Although the man (name withheld) denied the rape charges saying his daughter had consented, presiding magistrate Aidonia Masawi convicted him after a full trial.

Prosecutor Norman Tsarwe lashed out at the father and said “his conduct was (like) that of a chicken that feeds on its own eggs”.

“This is a one of the most unusual cases that are presented before our courts. The accused person’s moral blameworthiness is high considering that it is a taboo in our culture,” Masawi said.

“I cannot begin to wonder the kind of relationship that the accused person will have with a son that he produced with his daughter.

“…clearly the accused person’s place is in prison. If he could violate his own flesh and blood, what more the community at large?”

Tsarwe proved that sometime in 2010, the victim was at home with her father.

The court heard that her father approached and dragged his daughter into the bedroom before raping her.

The victim would confide in her friends about the incidents but this did not help as most people in her neighbourhood were aware of the abuse.

The complainant began staying with her aunt before she started working as a housemaid in Harare’s Avenues area.

During weekends, the father would go and collect his daughter at her workplace before proceeding to lodges situated in Queensdale and at Mugoni near Kopje.

The accused person would continuously rape his daughter claiming that he was the one who had broken her virginity, hence was responsible for the pregnancy she was carrying.

The girl conceived but did not reveal that her father was responsible until she gave birth to the son who is five-years-old now.

She later went to Hopley Farm and began staying with her brother while their father catered for rentals and other expenses.

The court heard that she confided in a female neighbour about the rape incidents.

The unidentified neighbour later discussed the issue with the complainant’s brothers who subsequently neglected her because she had been impregnated by their father.

They later engaged their grandfather to resolve the issue without involving the police.

However, the grandfather took advantage and raped the girl, after promising that he would conceal the offence.

The accused person moved in with his daughter at Retreat in Waterfalls and they stayed there as husband and wife.

In May this year, an unknown informer dropped a note disclosing the rape issue at Chitungwiza and Waterfalls police stations.

This prompted the matter to be investigated at Epworth Police Station before the complainant was located.

The accused person then fled to Ruwange in Nyanga to consult a witchdoctor for police not to pursue his rape case.

However, the n’anga sold out the accused person to Ruwange police and he was arrested.

He told the police details that he forced himself on the girl after being advised by a traditional healer that he could become rich.

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